Thierry Mugler Summer '10: Gold

“Gold is the most beautiful and precious source of light. It gives every woman an exceptional aura, like only a sun goddess of an evening would.” — Thierry Mugler

It is the divine nature of the material that has truly inspired Thierry Mugler.
The wonderment that gold causes when it sweeps over skin and eyes invites each
one of us to embrace new horizons. Gold rules over matter and reveals its magic
in all its forms: caressing patinas, radiating stones, sensual lamés… Thierry
Mugler reinvents gold to offer each and everyone a new kind of perfection, fluid
and daring. Radiant divinity, heroine of the light, solar butterflies, it’s your
turn to enjoy composing your own partition. As with every Color Event, the Gold
Collection has new treasures:

Precious Gold Stones ($60.00)
Wonderful baroque nuggets, precious beads with fanciful shapes for instantly bewitching eyes: dazzling in the warmth of this marvelous luxury, they are reflected in the mirror of their elegant see-through silver compact. In Gold Dust

Ombre Stellaire ($40.00)
Intense and precious, seemingly flowing from a stream of pure gold, the Gold Leaf eyeshadow unravels its silky-soft golden pressed powder. Filled with dazzling particles, this color catches the light as if by magic, and sprinkles eyelids with spectacular golden glints. Its stunning effects make eyes sparkle with a glittering and glistening glow. In Gold Leaf.

Latex Gloss ($33.00)
In this collection, LATEX GLOSS comes in five new, very chic and highly pigmented shades: lacquered, iridescent or sequined, colors result from a sublime balance of sensual elegance and mouth-watering daring. Their ultra glossy aspect, with fruit jelly colors and a honey flavour, sends the senses senseless.

Raspberry (2) Raspberry pink coulis, good enough to eat
Hearty Pink (3) Fresh pink with sequined effects, delicious like a sweet
Light Pink (4) Seemingly subtle pink, enriched with shimmering particles
Beige (5) Rosy-beige, bewitched by a pearly shimmer
Chocolate Brown (6) Rich brown, irresistible and melting like milk chocolate

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