ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Range Renewed by Tom Pecheux - Eyeshadows, Lipglosses and Blue Dahlia-

Pecheux’s new Pure Color Collection of eye shadows features a wide selection of high-impact shades, complete with long-lasting pigments and fade-resistant formulas. Four dynamic finishes are available: matte, satin, luminous and metallic.

Eyeshadows and Lipglosses

Exclusive True VisionTM Technology incorporates intense, highly pigmented shades for a saturated, colour-rich application, according to the brand, while a crystalline laminate polymer is said to intensify colour clarity and vibrancy in one easy stroke.

The new Pure Color eye shadows are presented in a gold, mirrored compact decorated with an oversized Estée Lauder cartouche. A sponge-mitt applicator is also included.

Complementing the new eye shadows is a new Pure Color Gloss collection from Pecheux, claimed to deliver lasting shine, maximum moisture and three multi-dimensional finishes.

Again, True VisionTM Technology is said to wrap pigments in a crystal-like coating to provide intense colour and shine. Six berry, red, nude and plum shades are available in shine, shimmer and sparkle finishes.

The glosses incorporate multi-functional humectants, plus vitamins C and E, to moisturise, soften and help protect lips. The lightweight formula is comfortable and non-sticky, and fragranced with a signature fig scent.

The limited-edition Blue Dahlia Pure Color Collection for Fall features smouldering eyes, shimmering lips and bold nails. Pecheux debuted the line backstage at the Derek Lam Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion Show.

The complete make-up collection includes two distinct looks (Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet), as well as two complimentary lip products that are said to create a “visionary, avant-garde look with a touch of whimsical glamour”.

Eyes take centre stage in hues of electric blue and vintage violet, while lips shimmer in subtle shades of pale pink and raspberry. Deep navy and iridescent lilac nail polishes complete the look.

Key items include the Pure Color EyeShadow Palettes in Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet. Each contains five shades presented in a golden, mirrored compact complete with oversized Estée Lauder cartouche. Single eye shadows, in four new shades (Twilight Rose, Sepia Sand, Enchanted Meadow and Emerald Star), will also be available.

The lip offer features Pure Color Gloss Sticks and Pure Color Glosses, in shades of raw pink and magenta, for a subdued lip look to balance strong eyes. A deeper berry shade (Midnight Bloom) delivers a stronger pop of colour.

A limited-edition trio, called Pure Color Night, is also available now in selected domestic doors in Paris. The line comprises a three-in-one Pure Color eye shadow in Naughty Black, a Pure Color Luminous Powder in Highlight and a Pure Color lip gloss in Kiss Me.

Models Constance Jablonski and Hilary Rhoda were in photos for the new collection.
A favourite of top photographers, stylists and fashion editors the world over for his sophisticated take on Parisian glamour, he is also a savvy choice for Lauder, given the brand’s ambition to strengthen its position within the colour category outside its native US.

Pecheux has been charged with bringing a new energy, style and fashion edge to the group’s flagship Estée Lauder brand. It’s a challenge he is clearly relishing – although he admits there is still much more to do.

“Before, there was a lot missing,” he explains. “The brand had already decided to change the packaging, and then they wanted to bring a flavour of fashion too, which is what I did.

“But when you look at fashion today, there is no longer just one point of view; there are many different designers and each has a different position. So I didn’t want to impose anything. I wanted to make a large proposal, with this iconic blue [the Blue Dahlia Collection], which I think works very well with the season’s clothes. But apart from that, you have gloss, nail polish, natural colours, bright colours, deep colours – everything! I wanted a mix.”

Pecheux admits to having two main goals. “Firstly, I want people to carry on saying how much their mothers and grandmothers like the brand, but I also want people to tell me their little sisters and their girlfriends like it too.

“I find the old brand a little bit stiff, so I want to shake it a little. And of course I want to bring much more of a fashion flavour.” He pauses in mock-horror: “That all sounds very pretentious in my mouth! I am not pushing down Estée Lauder to make me feel bigger and better. This is what the brand is asking me to do too. We have an agreement and that’s what we are both looking to achieve in the future.”

Pecheux is clearly proud of his creations, although he admits the technical side of the process can be daunting. “For me make-up is something very playful; I am not a chemist,” he explains. “The science involved is very sophisticated, and I did not study in this area.

“There is another element that is good and bad,”
he continues, “and that is translating the vision. Say I decide I want a shade of royal blue. You could ask 200 people to come up with a royal blue and you will not get one definitive shade because everyone has different visions of the same colours. So that can be difficult, especially in this age of email communication.”

Pecheux adds: “But creating a product that you have in your mind, and being able to bring it to a stage where you can actually use it and apply it, is very, very exciting.”

Pecheux’s philosophy is that make-up shouldn’t be a mask. He describes how its main purpose is to enhance what is already there, to help someone be more confident and to feel, as opposed to just look, more beautiful.

The best compliment is when someone says ‘now I look great’ and not ‘the make-up looks great',” he explains. “It’s not the make-up that should stand out, but the overall look.”

And Pecheux is adamant that all colours and creeds can wear all shades of make-up – with a little canny adaptation. “When I create a look for a runway show, for example, I might have 30 girls to make up, who are all different. So whatever look I choose, it has to work for everyone, regardless of colouring. So you make small adjustments.”

He continues: “It’s the same with Blue Dahlia, for example. The blue shades can work for everyone, it’s all about the way you wear it.”

Pecheux describes the new Pure Color products as his “babies”, with the new Lip Glosses his favourite progeny. “It has to be the gloss,” he explains. “Why? It’s easy to apply; it’s transparent; it’s sexy; you don’t need any technique; it takes half a second to put on; you can keep it in your pocket; and you don’t even need a mirror to apply it.

“Make-up is not a tattoo,” Pecheux underlines. “If you make a mistake, you can just take it off. It should be playful, and women shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

“So if the eye palette in Blue Dahlia is too intimidating, try just a blue mascara, or a blue eyeliner. The point is not to change your entire make-up from one day to another; it’s to update it. So keep most of what you have, but add a little blue in somewhere. It’s a suggestion, not an order.”

He continues: “I think my pleasure and duty in this role with Estée Lauder is to try to answer every demand, every request, and every desire of each woman in the world…and Blue Dahlia is for those women who want a little blue.”

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