FW AW10: Butter London @ Vena Cava

Butter London @ Vena Cava
"I wanted to create a fun modern equestrian," said hair stylist Ted Gibson, who added brightly-colored extensions in shades of teal and hot pink into hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail. " She is fun has a little bit of color in her hair, she's been out riding all day long, and decided to take a rest pull her hair back," said Gibson, who secured a black piece of leather over the knot of the ponytail to complete the look. Makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds followed suit, giving the ladies a slightly dewy sun-kissed complexion "as if she's been horseback riding in the sun and is slightly sweaty".

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Makeup was done by MAC. First, Sepia was applied for across the cheekbones and face for a tanned effect. This is mixed with an Antique Gold powder across cheekbones, forehead and nose. Finally, Orange Alarm is added for a sunkissed effect on bridge of nose, brushed into hairline and neckbone to give effect of blood rising in the skin. Shine Wax is then applied on cheek bones to finish. Lips were vibrant vermillion. The artists used MAC Pro Red Lip Mix pigment, applied in a natural shape but with intensity.

Nonie Creme, founder of Butter London, collaborated with Vena Cava to create a custom nail polish mix for the show. It is called Marrow and is a deep, muted gray purple. Nonie said that everyone was getting tired of the same deep wine polishes and wanted to make something that was still a deep, rich shade but more earthy. The color began with a deep burgundy shade to which black and navy were added. Then a white pigment was added to give the polish a filmy quality. The polish might come out in fall ’10 in limited edition.

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