FW AW10: L'Oreal @ Balmain

L'Oreal @ Balmain
"Well for the past few seasons, it's been quite raw and rock n' roll at Balmain," said hairstylist Sam McKnight. "This time, we're making it a bit straighter and more finished. But it's not poker straight—it still has that iconic Balmain carefree attitude."

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux, who's been doing the Balmain show for years, always focuses on making each model look her best, rather than on creating one uniform look. "We're tailoring the makeup to each girl," he said, echoing his statement from last season. "We're playing up her natural skin tone and doing whatever needs to be done to make her cheeks look striking—it's almost hard to describe what the look is because it's so individualized."

He brushed M.A.C. Mineralize Bronzer powder (coming out this summer) on the lids for a soft hint of shadow, then dabbed M.A.C. Skin Light Pigment (a new liquid highlighter with golden shimmer, also launching in a few months) on top to make them glisten. He smudged brown pencil all around the eyes (M.A.C. Eye Pencil in Coffee), curled the lashes, and coated them with M.A.C. Pro Lash mascara.

The only styling McKnight did was to shampoo and condition (L'Oreal products were used) the hair so it was clean, then he blow-dried it while pulling the hair straight with his fingers to create a natural smoothness.

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