FW AW10: Sultra & Dashing Diva @ Christian Cota

Sultra & Dashing Diva @ Christian Cota
This look was all about movement, and lack thereof. The models had a very still mannequin-esque appeal to them during the presentation, the movement being dominant within the beautiful collection and the fabulous hair.

Hair stylist Omar Lopez opted for blond wigs to accompany the collection of sleek designs. Lopez used bombshell blond wigs that he dyed even blonder to appear almost gray, after which he hand painted streaks of two different color schemes into the wigs; one a blue tone and the other copper. Wigs were flipped with Sultra The Seductress, Curl, Wave, and Straight One-Inch Iron for fun, flirty hair. Cota's collection was so gorgeously hand-painted, Lopez wanted the hair to compliment this aesthetic in the color and styling of the wigs.

The Nail Team of Dashing Diva created a special two-tone acryllic nail for this show. The nail starts with a dark purple shade called "Your Standing On My Dress" and fads into a lighter blue color called "Water Taxi."

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