FW AW10: Sebastian Professional & Maybelline @ William Rast

Sebastian Professional & Maybelline @ William Rast
Inspired by the great Midwestern landscape and free-spirited, nomadic culture, the brand's Fall 2010 collection was filled with leather, jeans and knits that were manipulated into fresh and edgy pieces and accessorized with Indian feathers and furs. The beauty team collaborated to create a look that played up this western nomad appeal with mega lashes, a fresh face and motorcycle blown hair.

For the face use Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. Apply the foundation all over the face with your fingers for evenness. Apply a touch of Mineral Powder Naturally Luminous Blush to the cheekbones. For the eyes, apply the new Collosal Volum Express Mascara. Use Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil for polished brows. For lips, use Color Sensational Lipcolor in beige mixed with a clear lip balm for a more natural look. "We developed a special beige color just for this show," said Willer.

Start by spraying Volupt Spray, a volume-building spray gel, onto damp hair. Follow by twisting small sections of the hair and blowing each section dry from root to tip. Then, lightly cover the hair with Re-Shaper,a lightweight hairspray, and gently tease the roots with your fingers to create volume and texture. Finish by taking a dollop of Matte Putty, a soft dry texturizer, and whisking it through your hair. "Right before the models stepped on the runway I sprayed another touch of hairspray so the hair would maintain sexy movement as the walk," said Dunkin.

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