FW AW10: Hourglass @ La Perla

Hourglass @ La Perla
"We're totally connected with New York and the age of Film Noir." said Giovanni Bianchi, La Perla creative director. The collection featured three parts: classic Hollywood beauty as first, edgier and smoked out for the Studio line and more natural and healthy for Villa Toscana. Lots of new products such as a mascara, red lipstick, a new bronze duo, a body bronzer etc from Hourglass Cosmetics are used. The makeup was done by Michael Pierce.

The inspirations were Veronica Lake and other silver screen sirens. The focus was on a gorgeous, strong red lip, but a red that every woman can wear. LA To add to this look, the eyes are light with tight black eyeliner.

Michael used Veil Fluid Makeup for medium coverage and set it with Oxygen Mineral Powder for a modern, semi-matte approach to 1940’s skin. He followed it with Illume in Bronze Light- using the bronze to contour the cheekbone and the highlighter for strong definition.

He sweeped the natural sand shade from Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Gypsy from the lash line to the brow for a glowing luminous eye. Followed by Calligraphy liquid eye liner in Ebony which he winged out in an upward direction for a thin lined look. He then finished it with Film Noir mascara (new for Fall) for an intense & dramatic black.

He traced the lips with Trace Lip Liner in Message. He then filled it with Raven lipstick (new for Fall) and added a dab of Prodigy lip gloss in Hypnotic in the middle to create the perfect pout. Hourglass’ “Raven” lipstick is gorgeous and sexy– and works for all women.

The LA PERLA Studio collection is an edgier look that is Tribeca-inspired. She is an urban woman that is fearless and owns her city – like she owns her beauty. For this, Pierce created a messy, dark eye with a nude lip in order to portray an independent, inspirational beauty.

Michael created rich and dewy skin with Illusion Tinted Moisturizer. He used Hidden Concealer in Pearl, a shade lighter than the skin tone, to lift up the cheek bones and intensify the hallow. He also used Oxygen Mineral Powder in a darker shade than the skin tone to contour the cheek bones.

Using Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Prism, Michael combined the two colors and used his fingers for a smudged, unblended look– heavier on the outside of the eye. He then took Extreme Sheen lip gloss in Reflect and added it to the eye lid for an edgy, well-worn look. He wetted a small lip brush and created a muddy consistency with the darker shade of Prism to tight line the eye- added to the inner, upper rim of the eye. Last, He used Film Noir mascara (new for Fall) for a powerful black.

To complete the look with a nude lip, Michael used Lipstick Adorn in Poetry and Trace in Bare.

The Villa Toscana collection is soft and feminine and was created for everyday women. The makeup reflects this with a focus on flawless skin. Michael used a minimum of product to define her features and a neutral full lip with tight defined eyes. The philosophy here is that a woman should wear her makeup, the makeup should not wear her.

This look is all about soft and natural skin. To create this glow, Michael used Illusion Tinted Moisturizer, which has a slight shimmer. He then used Illume in Bronze Light and the blush from Illume in Sunrise to add luminosity.

Also, a key new product that will be launching this summer was used on nearly all the models. It’s called Alum (the shade used was Sunset), and it is version of Hourglass’ famed crème-to-powder bronzer duo. What makes the product so great is that it's one shade that flatters nearly every skin tone (hence, it was used on so many of the models at the show). A liquid body bronzer that will be launching in the fall was used to give the models their sexy tint.

To create a soft innocent eye, Michael sweeped the eye lid with the natural shade from the Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Suede. He then wet his brush and reapplied the same color to the eye for a glossed effect.

Like rest of the look, he maintained a natural beauty and created a natural, full lip with Prodigy lip gloss in Surreal and Trace lip liner in Bare.

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