FW AW10: Temptu @ Lorick

TEMPTU @ Lorick
A line of fifteen beautiful girls took to the stage, enduring the bright lights and camera flashes. Against a white backdrop, the presentation was “inspired by silhouettes as the show engaged viewers through playful shadows and intricate lighting.” Cory Bishop used a palette of bright colors to counteract the earth tones prominent during fall fashion week. He wanted the makeup to resemble that of a “young, playful girl playing dress-up.”

Bishop applied AIR pod foundation in lighter shades to give the face porcelain look. A berry blush was applied high on the cheekbones, creating a striking and strong pink cheek. Purple liner was then smudged underneath the eye and up toward the outer crease. The lids were kept pigment-free and mascara was applied to the top and bottom lashes. The same berry pink pigment used on the cheeks was applied to the lips to finish off this look.

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