FW AW10: Bumble and Bumble & Dashing Diva @ Georges Chakra

Bumble and Bumble & Dashing Diva @ Georges Chakra
Georges Chakra's dark, gothy clothing, which was detailed with black lace, and bright red, silver trimmings, just screamed for a blood red pout. "We're channelling Russian aristocracy," explained Gregory Arlt. "Like if a vampire was walking the red carpet." Arlt chose a dark red shade for the finely penciled lips, offsetting them with pale skin and icy eyes.

Pull hair back into a ponytail at the center back of the head. Divide the tail in two, and twist one section towards the top of the head, and one toward the back. Use bobby pins to secure them every few inches, using your hands to mess them up a bit, and spray with Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode to help the hair stay in place. "The hair has a couture vibe to it, but it's not too perfect looking," Laurent P. said. "It's elegant and easy, and actually quite simple to do yourself."

Nails were painted blood red Dashing Divas Nail Polish Central Park After Dark to match the lips. "We wanted to recreate the look of dry blood," said nail lead Patricia Yankee.

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