Bobbi Brown Whitening Skincare and Makeup Serie

Bobbi Brown Whitening Skincare and Makeup Serie for SS2010
Some are Asia exclusive. (Source)
PREPARE: Brightening Hydrating Lotion
Immediately adds moisture to the skin and is light. 200ml.
BRIGHTEN: Brightening Intensive Serum
Makes a protective barrier while still being light and luminious. Optical Brightening Essence will reduce the face of the dark spots, allergies and improve skin moisture degree. Vitamin C and plant extracts (grapes, mulberry) can inhibit the pigment-producing melanin and the dull spots, glucosamine can get rid of the old waste of epidermal cells to make skin smoother, even skin health. 50ml.
MOISTURIZE: Brightening Moisture Cream
Deeply moisturizes skin and penetrates into skin completely. Features a unique "water in oil" formula, to the texture of cream-coated skin, and to lock the moisture with the layer of protection. Let whitening makeup last all day with this base cream. Vitamin C essence and unique plant extracts (mixed grapes, mulberry..) can inhibit the pigment-producing melanin and the dull spots, so that skin will be fair, clear, bright and dazzling. Glucosamine could get rid of old skin cells to make skin more smooth. Licorice extract can help reduce the allergic phenomena and the possible formation of spots. Gentian essence and caffeine can relieve and calm the skin. Hyaluronate sodium and sugar will attract and seal in moisture so the skin will be smooth and gentle. 50ml.
PROTECT: SPF 50/PA+++ UV Protective Face Base
Light in texture and high in protection, this product rovides a comprehensive UVA and UVB protection, resist ultraviolet radiation, so that a full range of whitening products' effect can continue. Silky, not greasy. 50ml.
TREAT, COVER AND PERFECT: Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25 PA++
In 4 colours, this pen will both make an excellent spot on lighter and a concealer for dark spots with its ingredients of vitamin c, whitening complex, unique plants, grapes and mulberries. Results will be seen in the moment of use unlike others. Concealer stick can be used to take products directly to smear on the dark spots on the ring finger in order to suppress the way then its press evenly, then wait until dry to brush or a sponge with the foundation. Ideal for all skin types. 4,5ml.
TREAT, COVER AND PERFECT: Brightening Powder Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++
Ultra-fine powder, effective skin coverage for fine lines. Vitamin C and plant extracts makes whitening effect continue while powder conceals dark spots. 9 colours.

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