FW AW10: CND, Bumble and Bumble & MAC @ Ruffian

CND, Bumble and Bumble & MAC @ Ruffian
"We wanted something that looked like a Greek sculpture, so the face has lots of dimension," said makeup artist James Kaliardos. He layered on shimmer in pearl at the temples and jawline, and bronze beneath the cheekbones for a surreal, contoured effect. Hair stylist Neil Moodie created a "cosmic" chignon, which tilted towards the top of the head for a futuristic silhouette. "The boys said, 'oooh, you've created a planet,' when they first saw the 'do'," he said.

Luna Cream Color Base, and a sweep of Pigment in Pink Opal on the temples and jawline, with Pigment in Blonze Gold as a contour under the cheekbones was used. Eyes got a dusting of Reflex in Teal at the inner corners, and lips got pink with Pro Longwear Cream in Love For Ever, which is new for spring.

Prep hair with Styling Cream and Prep Spray for extra texture, then brush hair up into a tight ponytail at the top front of the head. Separate the ponytail into three sections, wrapping the lowest section close the thee head and pinning it to stay. Wrap the second section on top of the first, and then twist and wrap the top section, loosely pinning it for a slightly messy, imperfect look.

"We created a versatile nail, navy with a golden tip to echo the moon, and we chose to lay the golden part at the bottom of the nail, for a moon manicure like the one the boys have been doing for the past few seasons," said CND's Jan Arnold. "Ruffian is all about the moon manicure," she added.

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