FW AW10: Shiseido & M2M & Avon @ Mackage

Shiseido & M2M @ Mackage
"The hair looks like you slept over at someone else's house and quickly tied it back in a messy pony - but I added a deep part and sweep of the eye to give it an air of French mysteriousness," says Tippi Shorter. Makeup followed the youthfully undone sophistication, with a strong, smudged black eye and naked lips and cheeks.


To achieve the dramatically bold black eye, makeup artist Nobuko applied black cream eyeliner to the entire lid, crease and lower rim and then layered Tar eyeshadow over. Then a mix of clear gloss with the black cream liner was finished as a top coat, to give the eye a shiny, gritty look.


Products are all Avon. Tippi Shorter applied Volumizing Mousse to straightly dried hair, and then deeply combed a diagonal part for a dramatic sweep of hair across one eye. After backcombing the crown, a low ponytail was tied and smoothed with Moisture Sleek Smoothing Serum, and finished with Mirror Shine Spray for hold.


M2M damoreJon Nail Polish in Fox Trot, Girl Talk and Let's Talk were applied to models' nails depending on their tone, and were inspired by Vivica Fox, Caroline Murphy and Tyra Banks.

Apply Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mousse by Avon to hair that has been dried straight, evenly distributing create a sturdy base for the style. Use a comb to create a deep diagonal part that extends from the hairline just above outside corner of one eye to crown.

Using a round barrel brush and blow dryer, create a defined part by blowing the front section forward to create a dramatic sweep across one eye. Just below the crown, backcomb a 2-3″ section of hair and drape over the back of the head to distribute the teased pieces. Gather the bottom section of hair (below the diagonal part) and tie off into a low ponytail using a clear elastic band. Mix Advanced Techniques Moisture Sleek Smoothing Serum and Shaping Gel and apply by hand to the front section of hair enhancing the drape across the front of the face. Gather the draped section of hair and pull into the loose low pony, securing with bobby pins. Finish with Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray by Avon for a high shine finish.

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