Paul & Joe SAHARA Summer '10


Shimmering Body Lotion – 100 ml, $35
Just in time for warm weather to keep your skin radiant and moisturized all summer long. This Sahara Desert inspired lotion heals your skin in style as it reflects the exotic glow reminiscent of the Saharan sand. Formulated with polymers and large-particle gold frost, this shimmering lotion makes creates a healthy shine that lasts for hours on end.

Finishing Powder, $35 in Dune (001) and Desert Sand (002)
Finishing Powder is formulated with crystalline cellulose and spherical powder to prevent an oily shine and blended with Paul & Joe’s exclusive “SECRET D’or” that adds a long-lasting, sublime glow. Use this stylish finishing powder to achieve the ultimate natural skin finish under any weather condition.

Nail Enamel, $14
Marrakesh (004)
A stunning, exotic coral red.
Mirage (005) A soft, neutral sand brown.
Oasis (006) A sophisticated, earthy blue.

Lipstick S
Lipstick S will bring out the romantic side in you. This ultra-hydrating lipstick includes a “clear veil oil” for a gorgeous shine and “moist capture oil” to soften and smooth.
Caravan (001)A natural, coral pink.
Sahara (002) A sexy, vivid pink.
Morocco (003)A warm, golden pink.

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