Chris Benz Resort 2011 Hair with Redken

John Ruidant, Redken Session Stylist, created and styled voluminous hair to compliment the Chris Benz Resort 2011 collection last week in New York City. This collection is very modern and accessible for the sophisticated woman who is looking to throw on something for breakfast by the pool at her resort. Taking inspiration from Pat Nixon and the 1950s, John fashioned a very voluminous ‘Jackie O’ hairstyle. The classic ‘do is done, but not overly done and structured.

Get the Look

Step 1: Apply Redken Body Full Amplifier at the hairline for texture and blow dry in the product with a mason brush.
Step 2: Split the head in half starting at the name and continuing in sections about one inch thick spraying hot sets 22 thermal setting mist on each piece before curling with a 1½ inch curling iron.
Step 3: Pin each curl to the head to set.
Step 4: Finish out the look by pulling hair back into a looped pony tail and secure ends by pinning under the nape of the neck to create the bob
Step 5: Tease the hair and apply forceful 23 super strength finishing spray.

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