Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (Lingerie of Skin) for Fall '10

Invisible skin-fusion foundation by GUERLAIN

The first rays of daylight, the softness of silk sheets, the caress of a negligee so fine that you could swear that it is at one with its wearer… A breeze plays with the curtains. Like a whisper, a stocking glides along a leg; a precious slip hides under a light dress. Outside, a ray of morning sun touches her cheek. Radiant, fresh, glowing, her skin is simply sublime. Her complexion breathes a new perfection. Only she knows its secret: LINGERIE DE PEAU, the first invisible skin-fusion foundation by Guerlain.

The ultimate modernity fuses with the ultimate luxury: that of being oneself, only even more beautiful… The Bio-Fusion micro-mesh. To create this second-skin foundation texture, GUERLAIN Research relied on in-depth studies of the most advanced materials: biocomposites. These new substances are derived from blending synthetic polymers and natural fibres with high adhesion capacity that, when combined, reinforce and mutually enhance each other’s powers to create new, groundbreaking proper ties. By using this process, GUERLAIN Research has created the Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, a combination of synthetic and natural polymers extracted from textile fibres. This innovative cosmetic bio-composite renders an extraordinary second-skin texture, with a spectacular natural finish and properties of incredible lightness, extensibility and hold. The natural polymers selected are silk and linen fibres, which have a natural affinity with the skin. They are composed of a protein that acts in perfect osmosis with the keratin present in the skin, which allows them to adhere naturally to the skin’s surface and lend it the softness and radiance of silk and the comfort of linen. The synthetic polymers are veritable stretch fibres that expand to embrace the contours of the face and ensure lasting coverage. They help to create a flexible weave to support, smooth and shape the skin, thus serving as a base for the silk and linen fibres. These perfectly complementary polymers fuse together in an incredibly fine micro-mesh. They “cling” weightlessly, enveloping the face like a second skin.

100% of subjects found the complexion improved; perfect coverage (93%*),
light and fine texture (96%*), bare skin effect (82%*). In addition, the texture
is in harmony with the skin (96%*) and application is highly enjoyable (89%*).
The face is healthy, radiant (96%*). Consumer satisfaction test conducted on 28
women over 4 weeks, in France.

The complexion is magically unified, with ultimate lightness and extreme finesse. LINGERIE DE PEAU fuses with the skin in total osmosis, to shape the face and enhance the complexion without leaving a trace. The skin is left radiant and unbelievably natural, sublimely beautiful …

For most women, finding the right shade, coverage and an enjoyable texture makes choosing a foundation the least glamorous part of using make-up. With LINGERIE DE PEAU, GUERLAIN seeks to restore the desirability, the beauty and the pleasure of choosing and wearing foundation. The theme “Cosmetics and self-esteem” was the basis for a specific test conducted to determine the emotional impact on women of using this “second skin” foundation and their sense of well-being after application. The response was significant: 76% reported feeling happier after applying LINGERIE DE PEAU compared to leaving skin bare, whereas only 48% of women reported feeling happier after applying their usual foundation, as compared to leaving skin bare. 44% of women are happier wearing LINGERIE DE PEAU than their usual foundation*.

To infuse the skin with light and freshness, to colour it transparently with all the subtlety of a silk stocking… Selected for their finesse and shade precision, the pigments chosen by GUERLAIN Research are enveloped in polymers whose structure is immeasurably close to that of the skin’s natural proteins. The fusion is immediate: the pigments bind to the skin’s surface and melt deliciously in, colouring it with transparency that mimics its natural complexion.

Each foundation shade is a unique and subtle bouquet of four pigments. These ultra-fine and crystalline powders direct light at different angles, to precisely guide the interaction of matter and light and the final colour perceived by the eye. When bathed in an emulsion, these pigments tend to cluster, thus modifying the light given off and therefore the colour created. And yet, the secret to natural colour is light that is uniformly and finely dispersed, that reflects under infinite angles. The homogeneous dispersion of pigments in a formula and on the skin is indispensable.
Also, accompanyingly Le Violet Minerale Loose Powder will be released. It is a HD loose powder that's placed in an egg-like stylish case.

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