Josie Maran Fall '10 Sneak Peek

Sourced from Morocco, 100% organic argan oil is legendary for its ability to offer fast-absorbing hydration. The -oil infused color stick is a sheer, paraben- and fragrance-free tint that grants a lasting, natural flush to cheeks and lips. Brilliantly, the rosey shade is designed to flatter every skin tone.


  1. WOW very detailed post! love it! i want to try the Tarte cheek stain as well. I hope you could follow my blog as well. =) thanks so much!

  2. If you want the best argan oil there is in term of quality, definitely go with Amal Oils. Its $35 for a 2oz. and it's organic. You can mix it with all you favorite lip and cheek stains that you already have... so no need to force yourself to move away from what works... just add to it!

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