M.A.C. News!!!

New M.A.C. Updates

The Black Collection will be called 'Style Black' and it will include:

  • Dazzlecream Lipgloss: Creamy lipgloss with three different types of pearl pigments. ( a.k.a. mix up of Cremesheens and Dazzleglasses )
  • PRO Bat Cream Colour Base & one more black based Cream Colour Base
  • A black mattene lipstick
  • One black, one burgundy and one gray lipstick ( one of them's working name is Dark Knight )
  • Blackfire Lipgloss ( This is a working name along with Bling Black, and Blackfire gossiped as a black gloss with gold shimmer which is probably a Dazzlecream )

Also, Jin Soon is partnering with M.A.C. to create a new matte nail polish collection ( biggest nail trend of this fall btw ) which is used at NYFW, including a rich hunter green, due out to September. It will include 6 new shades.

DSquared2 Collection ( which featured at brand's face charts from M.A.C. as a black eye+porcelain skin combo, and called ''Lid Vicious'' as a anagram of ''Sid Vicious'' from Sex Pistols ) will be the Emanuel Ungaro Anniversary designer collection:

  • 2 or more new lipsticks
  • Feline Kohl Powder
  • Greasepencil Stick ( a water/smudge resistant black liner that has a glossy / smudgy appearance, which was the most used product of fall catwalks )

The Cult of Cherry follower fall collection will be called ''Makeup Art Cosmetics'' ( a.k.a. M.A.C.! ), which we gossiped before here . This is a 3 person collaboration between an illustrator, painter and a photographer. Each one developed part of the collection.

  • The painter developed the 3 quads. One is blues/greens, one is purples/burgundies and the other is earthy neutrals. ( here's the pic of blue one. )
  • The photographer helped develop the pigments. They are all bright colours like yellow, orange, turquoise, etc.
  • It will be also very bright technakohls at this collection, which featured at ROSE SHEET ( click the first link )



  1. Awesome! I think we'll have enough eye pencils from MAC this fall.. All these plus some from MAC pro to use in waterline ;)

  2. And don't forget bright technakohls ;D