Clarins Bust Care Duo

Clarins has also unveiled new bust care extensions, namely Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel and Bust Beauty Firming Lotion. “This segment performs especially well in Asia,” Heudier noted, “where such products feature in our top 20 best-sellers.”

Clarins claims to have increased its bust care products’ shaping and firming results by including an innovative plant extract within its two latest products, which are said to deliver a “natural bra” effect.

Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel – presented in a 50ml frosted pump-dispenser bottle –offers an immediate “lift”, thanks to its dual tightening and shaping effect. On application, the oil-free gel forms an invisible veil on the skin’s surface, which gives the bust line better hold and height, Clarins maintains. The product ensures this hold lasts by helping to reinforce the collagen structure and ensuring ideal skin hydration and smoothness.

Bust Beauty Firming Lotion, also presented in a 50ml glass pump-dispenser bottle, is described as a creamy, nourishing lotion that helps protect against skin slackening caused by age, pregnancy or changes in weight. It is said to smooth, comfort and enhance fragile skin on the décolleté area. The key ingredient in the new line is the Vu Sua fruit, which is used in traditional cuisine throughout South East Asia and the West Indies. It also inhibits glycation, protects against free radical damage and increases cellular energy.

In line with Clarins’ commitment to fair trade and sustainable development initiatives, the company buys up surplus fruit from the orchards around Vinh Him, a small village in the Mekong Delta, 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City. As a fair trade partner, Clarins has contributed to local development by financing a new nursery school that the village could no longer afford to support. Other key ingredients include Centella Asiatica, pomegranate, and Katafray.

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