M.A.C. Update On Fall

--The 3 part collaboration collection, Makeup Art Cosmetics, is due out on 20 August '09. The collaborators are: painter Richard Phillips, illustrator Maira Kalman and photographer Marilyn Minter.
  • Richard did the lipsticks, lipglass and 3 eye palettes ( 1 blue/green, 1 pink/plum and 1 earthy neutrals ).
  • Maira did 6 bright eye shadows and 4 new bright Technakohls ( including a lime and a magenta ).
  • Marilyn did 4 pigments (2 new 2 repromotes) and new glitters. Of the 4 glitters, 2 are new reflects glitters. All 4 glitters will be permanent in stores, but LE at counters. There is also said to be a gloss texture product in Marilyn's part of the collection.

--The Jin Soon fall MAC nail lacquer line is due out on 27 Aug 09, featuring 6 new shades of LE nail lacquers designed by Jin Soon.

--Along with the release of Jin Soon's nail line on 27 August, we will also see a lash collection called Flirt with Fall. This will feature 6 sets of lashes. 2 will be permanent everywhere and 2 will be permanent in stores only. The other two are LE.

--On 10 September, there will be a collection called MAC in High Def (this may be a working name and the final name may be different). This revisits a lot of the HD and mineralized products that are already in the line. ( HD seems as the biggest trend of this fall )

--24 September brings Zoom Fast Black Lash. This is a new zoom mascara made from carbon black pigment. It's rumoured to be the blackest of black mascaras.

--24 Sep will also launch Dazzleglass Creme. It is a melding of Dazzleglass and Creamsheen Glass. These are going to be ultra-moisturizing, very cushy on the lips and contain 3 types of pearl pigment. There are 9 LE shades.

--There will also be a Pro only collection that is all about primary colours featuring Chromalines, Chromacakes, Paintsticks and Airbrush shades. New shades will be cyan , magenta , black black and primary yellow. We will see this on 17 September.

SOURCE: Specktra.net

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