Kate Fall '09

Kate will debut a new series of eyeshadow trios, Reflect Mirror Eyes, in its fall collection due out on 1 August in Japan. This follows on the success of the Diamond Cut Eyes series introduced earlier in spring which sold over 1 million units in its first four months. The Reflect Mirror Eyes are formulated with a "Reflect Mirror Pearl" for a refined intense shine.

1. Reflect Mirror Eyes: 8 palettes (1470yen)
2. Diamond Cut Eyes: new shade (1680yen)
3. Deep Trap Eyes: new shade (1680yen)
4. Gradical Eyes S: new shade (1470yen)
5. Rouge Extra: 2 new shades (1470yen)
6. Lasting Cover Liquid Foundation: 6 shades (2100yen)
7. High Cover UV Pressed Powder: 2 shades (1575yen)
8. Frame Impact Volume Mascara (1575yen)
9. Frame Impact Marker (1155yen)
10. Eye Lash (1050yen)
11. Super Sharp Liner N (1050yen)
12. Super Sharp Liner: 2 shades (1050yen)
13. Mascara Base A (Volume Long) (1260yen)

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