Clarins Fall Colour Collection: Nude Inspiration

Clarins Fall Colour Collection: Nude Inspiration
Face&Blush Duo Compact.
Lower part is a blush and upper is a powder.Both parts include golden pigments that make your skin glow.

Eyebrow Kit “Pro” Palette
-3 shades for correction of eyebrows (black, dark and light brown)
-Beige Eyeshadow
-Pink Eyeshadow
-Eyebrows brush
-Litle pincette for sponges and brushes
Concealer Stick in 4 shades
01 Light beige
02 Soft beige
03 Medium beige
04 Deep beige
-Colour Quartet( nudes)

Eyeshadows Single Eye Color
16 - Pink frost, shimmery nude pink
17 - Mystery grey, silver grey
18 - Pink sugar, shimmery pink
19 - Ice blue, shimmery blue
20 - Midnight plum , plum
21 - Beige shimmer , golden beige
22 - Midnight blue, shimmery dark blue
23 - Silver green, green with silver midtone
24 - Hot chocolate , brown

Lipstick Jolie Rouge
724 - Simply nude, beige with golden shimmer
725 - Pink earth, beige pink with gold and silver shimmer
726 - Heather pink, cold pink
727 - Gold plum, plum with gold
728 - Fig brown, warm brown
729 - Red terra, brownish red


  1. I really liked Face&Blush Duo Compact. *.*

  2. Me too, hope I will get my hands on it!

  3. Thanks for posting this, I think it is a lovely collection!

  4. Fall collections are pretty cool aren't they Catanya?