China Glaze Fall 09: Retro Diva

China Glaze Fall 09: Retro Diva

In the 1970's, we boogied on down in our platforms, rocked our hip-huggers and grew our Chia pets to the sound of disco. It was a colourful time of earthy textures, swinging fringe, feathered bangs and free expression. Take it back to the 70's with a collection of China Glaze Nail Lacquer that are ''Dy-no-mite!''. A hint of shimmer shines in these twelve new polishes that pay tribute to a sexy, exciting decade. Two palettes mean that everyone can say ''Share the spice of the life, baby, slice it right.''

Cords rustic gray shimmer
Short & Sassy a deep burgundy shimmer
Let's Groove - rich eggplant purple shimmer
Stella rich purple/pink berry shimmer
Skate Night rich mahogany red shimmer
Far Out light neutral brown with gold shimmer
Stroll deep red with a small particle of gold glitter
Thunderbird rich red shimmer
Drive In orange/red shimmer
Street Racing deep copper shimmer
Free Love brilliant orange shimmer
Cruisin' golden orange shimmer

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