NYFW S/S '10: Aveda & Bobbi Brown @ Yigal Azrouel

AVEDA @ Yigal Azrouel
The hair for Yigal Azrouël is a sleek take on an edgy, punk-rock look. The top is textured with tousled volume, and the sides are smooth, and slicked back, with a straight-yet-messy knot at the nape of the neck.
Yigal’s spring line is feminine, yet deconstructed, so to play off of the collection, Bobbi Brown created a natural look featuring a strong ‘smudged’ smoky eye.

Get the Look
Step 1: Dampen hair with water and brush through.
Step 2: Divide hair into four sections: the bottom hangs loose, side sections along the parietal ridge (from ear to ear) are each pulled back with clips, and the top/front of hair is clipped into a loose bun.
Step 3: Spritz the bottom section of hair with water, keeping ends dry. Massage a generous amount of Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme into wet half of hair to add texture, light hold, and minimize flyaways. Layer Aveda Brilliant™ Humectant Pomade over the Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme for shine and moisture. Comb hair through, leaving ends dry, and tie into a clean, tight ponytail with a bungee elastic.
Step 4: Divide the ponytail into small sections and straighten each piece using a flat-iron, from elastic to ends. Once each piece is straightened, run the flat-iron through the entire ponytail to create a perfectly straight, sleek edge.
Step 5: Repeat the above steps with side sections of hair. Layer Aveda Light Elements™ Texturing Creme and Aveda Brilliant™ Humectant Pomade on the top half of hair, leaving ends dry. Slick sides back tightly, criss-crossing the right section of hair over the existing ponytail and wrapping it under the elastic string. Wrap the left section of hair over the elastic, so that the string is no longer visible.
Step 6: Secure a clear elastic band over the entire section to form a larger ponytail. Iron new pieces for a straight, sleek pony.
Step 7: Remove top section of hair from clip. Spritz with water, leaving ends dry, and rake hair back with Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme and Aveda Brilliant™ Humectant Pomade. Hair is damp, rough and textured.
Step 8: Pull all hair back, including top section, into one ponytail. Secure together with a clear elastic through. Straighten new pieces of ponytail with a flat-iron so that the entire pony is stick-straight.
Step 9: Wrap a final clear elastic around the ponytail and pull hair halfway through into a loose chignon. Leave pieces of hair astray to add rough texture, creating a punk-rock, edgy look.
Step 10: Finish by smoothing flyways above the elastic with Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme and misting slicked back sides with water.

Hydrating Face Cream ($50)
Hydrating Eye Cream ($45)
Foundation Stick ($40)
Creamy Concealer ($22), Corrector ($22)

Eyes: Charcoal Eye Shadow ($20) smudged out and applied to lower lash line; Extreme Party Mascara ($22) applied to top and bottom lashes
Lips: Touch of Lip Balm SPF 15 ($17)
Brows: Clear Natural Brow Shaper ($19)

Q&A with Antoinette Beenders
Q: What was your inspiration for this look? How did you collaborate with the designer to create the look?

“Yigal was inspired by the idea that spring/summer hair should be wet—as if a girl has quickly pulled her hair back with her fingers after swimming. The damp, textured top is a beautiful contrast to the raked-back sides and undone knot at the bottom of the hair. Together, we worked to create a look that was both messy and neat—sleek and funky. The combination of hair textures throughout the look also reflects Yigal’s passion for mixing fabrics in his collection.”

Q: How could a woman achieve this look on her own?
“This is a very summery style that can easily adapted for an edgy day or evening look. Divide hair into two sections, top and bottom. Spray top section of hair with water and massage with Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme and Aveda Brilliant™ Humectant Pomade. Slick the sides of hair tightly back with a comb, and create a low ponytail at the nape of the neck with a clear elastic. Straighten the ponytail with a flat-iron and rake back top section of hair back with fingers. Draw hair back into a second elastic and pull halfway through—bringing out loose pieces with fingers to create a messy knot.”

Q&A with Yigal Azrouel

Q: What is the inspiration for your collection? What is the look you are capturing?
“The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is inspired by geometry. Fabrics are slashed with scalpel precision to create bold, graphic shapes in a palette of muted shades–with touches of flame and pistachio. The collection and silhouettes are more defined and structured than ever. This season I’ve restrained layering to create a clean, body-conscious look in diaphanous fabrics such as single-layer viscose jersey, open weave linens, and exaggerated neck lines. Day looks are tailored-yet-easy, while evening and cocktail wear involves lacerated techniques that are innovative and sharp. As always, the focus is on the fabric.”

Q: You have made a real effort to “green” your show this season. How do you feel about this accomplishment?
“I feel great about greening my show with Aveda this season. This is something I wholeheartedly support. We all benefit from being “green”—everybody should be making an effort and taking responsibility for the environment.”

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