KORRES Holiday 09-10 Sets and Giftables

Natural Beauty Necessities ($104 Value) - $39.50
Natural Beauty Necessities is a collection of Korres' best-selling color products and all the essentials you need for a complete makeup look! The mascara, blush, eye liner, and lip gloss come in universally flattering shades and are formulated with active natural ingredients for enhanced color performance. Korres Eyeliner Pencils have the perfect smooth texture to give you endless options for the eyes. Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil in the formula hydrate and ensure a soft application and creamy finish.

Define the lashes with Pro-vitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara; the formula contains Provitamin B5 , a proven hair-strengthening agent, to condition and strengthen lashes and Rice Bran (that expands just like rice does in water) to provide maximum lash length and fullness. Zea Mays Blush in pink gives velvety, luminous color to the cheeks and Cherry Oil Lipglosses are the perfect way to achieve luscious, high-shine lips. Cherry Oil provides long lasting color and creates a water resistant shield and Jojoba Oil hydrates the lips, without being sticky and vitamin E and C offer antioxidant protection.

This set contains:
- 0.3 oz Pro-vitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara in Black 01
- 0.24 oz Zea Mays Blush in Pink 16
- 2 x 0.04 oz Eyeliner Pencils in Black 1S and Brown 2
- 2 x 0.2 oz Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Nude 33 and Light Purple 23
Cherry Lip Kisses ($48 Value) - $19.50
Korres Cherry Lip Kisses brings you three creamy, vibrant, wearable pucker perfectors that moisturize and protect your pout. Cherry oil moisturizes lips, prolonging wear and giving a lustrous, nonsticky effect.

This set contains:
- 0.20 oz Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Nude (sheer pinky beige)
- 0.20 oz Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Natural Purple (sheer plum brown)
- 0.20 oz Cherry Oil in Lipgloss Fushcia (shimmering muted fucshia)

This lipcare essential is powerful as well as pretty—each formula contains jojoba oil that works to smooth fine lines as it moisturizes, while vitamins C and E,and cherry oil offer antioxidant protection.
Lip Saver Roll ($27 Value) - $19.50
Korres Lip Saver Roll brings you three best-selling moisturizing lip butters that offer a natural flush of color and softness to the lips or cheeks.

This set contains:
- 0.21 oz Pomegranate Lip Butter
- 0.21 oz Quince Lip Butter
- 0.21 oz Jasmine Lip Butter

This must-have set comes in a fun, reusable case.
Naturally Defined Eyes ($90 Value) - $25
The Naturally Defined Eyes collection features five full-size eyeliner pencils and travel-size Volumizing Abyssinia Oil Mascara and is the ideal set for gift givingThe eye liners are enriched with Vitamin E and nourishing Jojoba Oil and come in all the must-have, best-selling shades. These pencils are creamy, hydrating, long-lasting and offer a variety of looks. The lash-strengthening Abyssinia Oil Mascara provides the perfect finishing touch, for a lush, very dramatic volumizing effect.

This set contains:
- 0.04 oz Black
- 0.04 Metallic Brown
- 0.04 oz Green
- 0.04 oz Grey
- 0.04 oz Blue
- 0.13 oz Black Volumizing Abyssinia Oil Mascara
Never Too Many Set ($99 US Value) - $39.50
This blockbuster ensemble includes six energizing and refreshing showergels, and six rich body butters. The natural, nourishing, age-fighting formulas create a luxurious experience and soft, youthful results.

This set contains:
- 6 x 1.69 oz Showergels in Basil Lemon, Jasmine, Guava, Clementine, Melon, and Mint
- 6 x 1.69 oz Body Butters in Basil Lemon, Jasmine, Guava, Clementine, Melon, and Mint

Korres Showergels are delightfully foaming, purifying must-haves that are enriched with age-fighting Active Aloe®, wheat proteins, and vitamins for long-lasting hydration and protection. Korres hydrating Body Butters soften, moisturize, and restructure the skin. These formulas are free of PPGs, MEA, DEA, TEA, formaldehyde donors, ethanolomine, mineral oils, silicone, and propylene glycol.

All avaible now @ www.sephora.com .

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