YSL Summer '10: Eye Event

Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Eyeshadow ($30.00)
Easy to apply, with a silky soft and rich texture, the colour remains vibrant and pure for hours. Blending is effortless; colour and intensity are easy to adjust to your desired concentration. Set in a luxurious gold compact, this eye shadow allows for easy application with both a sponge tip and a brush applicator. A soft and long-lasting eye colour for a truly professional result.

#01 Midnight Black
#02 Cashmere Brown
#03 Persian Blue
#04 Midnight Purple
#05 Slate Green
#06 Pink Nude
#07 Smoky Grey
#08 Fawn
#09 Mogador Blue
#10 Lunar Purple
#11 Garden of Eden
#12 Parisienne Pink

Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil ($28.00)

YSL’s EYE PENCIL has been updated with a new formula, with highly pigmented colour for a deep impact and long-lasting finish. The texture glides onto the skin effortlessly, and Jojoba Oil makes the finish on the skin smooth and comfortable. A wax adhesive acts as a fixing agent to reinforce the intensity of the pigment for hours. With its blending tip and soft, silky texture, the pencil allows you to achieve multiple effects: from precise lines to blurred shadow, or a kohl effect. Each pencil is equipped with an applicator-blender and a sharpener.

#01 Velvet Black
#02 Leather Brown
#03 Oriental Blue
#04 Smoky Purple
#05 Deepest Green
#06 Hazelnut Brown
#07 Charcoal Grey
#08 Amber Brown
#09 Turquoise
#10 Purple Silk
#11 Stellar Green
#12 Silky Pink

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