LUSH Jungle Campaign & Soap

Demand for palm oil, which is used in cosmetics, soaps, food and fuel is causing destruction of Indonesia's rainforests.

Last year we visited the Orang Rimba, a tribe who live in Indonesia's Sumatran forests, whose way of life is being threatened by expanding palm oil plantations.We have now learned that Sinar Mas, one of Asia's largest palm oil and paper companies, has carved aroad into the Bukit Tigapuluh (30 Hills) National park and is preparing to clear thousands of hectares of this ancient forest. The forest is home to many Orang Rimba families and now they need your help to protect it. Visit your local shop between Friday 17th and Sunday 26th of July and take part in our living photo petition by having your picture taken in our "family tree." If you can't get to a shop, please sign our online petition and get more information about this campaign at lush.co.uk/palmoil.

We're also selling a limited edition Jungle soap for the duration of the campaign.
This bright green tree-shaped soap is scented with our jungle fragrance (as found in the solid conditioner of the same name), and is made with our palm-free soap base. Costing £2.75 per 100g, all of the money (minus the VAT) will go to our friends at the Rainforest Foundation who help local forest communities all over the world.

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