LUSH Fall '09 New Products!

COMING SOON! Lush has new additions to its line.
-Palm oil free sexy naked- Noubar Soap Deliciously looking soap with crushed pistachios to give you an exfoliating scrub.
Vanilla in the Mist Soap Real vanilla pods, dried, crushed and fragrant. Also ground coffee for a scrub.Smells like vanilla with a dash of coconut and tonka beans.
Double Dipper Bath Melt Made with powdered sugar and lemon oil. It´s actually a triple dippler! You can snap it for three smooth, refreshing baths.
Happy Blooming Bath Melt Made with real cherries. Step out, and you´ll feel smooth, soft and sleek - it´s also a triple treat for three baths.
Casbah Bath Melt Powdered ginger, coffee, black pepper and cinnamon leaf essential oil give you a warming, spicy bath, with an opaque milky look.
Murray River Salt Bath Melt Made with natural pink salt from Australia, softning butters extra virgin coconut oil and eucalyptus to clear your senses.
Oat Couture Bath Melt Using our Dream Cream fragrance, even difficult skin can give this a go. Softness without oiliness, fabulous.

Will be avaible at www.lush.com

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