The Body Shop White Musk Midnight Iris

The Body Shop presents their new fragrance White Musk Midnight Iris as a modern interpretation ideal for summer nights out and special occasions, with accentuated aromas of white musk. Besides this EDT, a whole palette of accompanying perfumed products was presented. They arrive on the market in September 2009.

The warm, luxurious and floral White Musk Midnight Iris Iris de Minuit begins a new fragrant experience with light and fresh bergamot and iris, expressing its depth with essences of lily of the valley, clary sage and iris, leaving sensual musk waves, sandalwood and tonka in the finish.

The fragrance is gentle and pleasant like it were keeping you on the palm, protecting you and surrounding you with warmth.

Buy at www.thebodyshop.com with accompanying body products.

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