Urban Decay ''Pocket Rocket''

Even the most committed cosmetics junkie will be giving her make-up bag an overhaul this summer once Urban Decay’s Pocket Rocket range hits the stores.

The clever cosmetics company is launching a cheeky collection of lip-plumping glosses is steeped in pheromones to enhance your sexual attraction.And if that wasn’t enough, each of the eight juicy shades is named after a different dude to suit your mood – Doug, Timothy, Jesse, David, James, Kirk, Julio and Eric – that strips down to his smalls at your command. Seriously.Unfortunately the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket range won’t hit the shelves till April 2009.

Urban Decay Pocket Rockets cost £10.50 each, and are available Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser stores nationwide, and also on ASOS.com and Hqhair.com from April 2009.
Urban Decay’s juicy Pocket Rocket gloss is slick, sexy and extra-shiny, infused with a yummy crème brulee flavour and hyaluronic spheres to keep your lips looking full. You’ll be left racy-red hot as Eric undresses at the flick of your wrist!

The Pocket Rocket case is super slim so it fits snug in your pocket with no unsightly bulge. Laced with pheromones, be ready to unleash your feminine magic! The highly pigmented formula from Urban Decay contains hyaluronic spheres to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration and fill in lines and wrinkles. The brush applicator is ideal for blending with lip pencils and stains.

Bringing more than a little fun to the world of lip gloss, the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket makes a playful gift for a hen party, new divorce, naughty colleague, or to fulfil your own fantasies...can you handle them all?

Directions of use:
Flick your wrist to disrobe the boys.
Rub the ink on the tube to release the undetectable smell of sexy pheromones.
Kirk: look sexy in the nude

Timothy: you’ll be looking rosy
James: iridescent pink
Julio: clear sparkle
David: seducing candy pink pout
Eric: racy-red hot
Doug: sparkling pink
Jesse: purple tinted seductive pout

Buy them here: http://www.lookfantastic.com/, and Urban Decay will release more Pocket Rocket products such as eyeliner soon!

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