News from ZIRH

If you or your man is a face-saving newbie, try Zirh's Starter Kit, which includes Clean, Correct, Protect, and Shave Gel—products formulated to keep that manly mug in tip-top shape with no fuss.

Wanna dive a little deeper into feature friendly phenoms? Zirh has your back !For those late nights on the town or for jet-setting getaways, try Restore—formulated to lock in moisture and diminish dark circles caused by a lack of sleep.

If the face is in need of a deeper cleansing effect than a normal cleanser can offer, try Scrub. The first use will obliterate toxins and dead skin cells, giving the complexion a purified, refined look.

Now, to go along with that handsome head, try out Zirh's new defining fragrance for men—Ikon. This combination of woodsy cedar, vetiver, and patchouli will inspire confidence and create a stylish, lasting impression.

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