Majolica Majorca News!

For those of you who were disappointed by the puny collection that Majolica Majorca put out for spring, you may be happy to know that Majolica Majorca is launching a big collection that will include 8 (that's right, 8!) Jewelling Eyeshadow eyeshadow quads (1575yen) which are described as having a gemstone-like multi-color sparkle! These are all permanent.

Due out on 21 April, the collection will also include a clutch of limited edition items including a glitter solid perfume, MajoErotica (945yen) with a fresh apple and floral fragrance, three Artistic Nails (Glow & Quick) GR140, PK441 and YE242 (399yen) and 2 Artistic Nails (Jewelling Line) in GR444 and 77 (399yen).

Maquillage will launch a gold and silver theme collection on 21 May. It includes:

1. Limited edition Eyes Creator 3D palettes in GD831 and SV832 (3990yen)
2. Glossy Nail Color (22 shades, 945yen)
3. Top & Base Coat (945yen)
4. Full Vision Mascara & Liner: Mascara and gel liner in 5 shades, BR631, RD632, GY833, GR634 and VI635 (2625yen).

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