M.A.C. Gossips!

With Fashion Week now having concluded around the world, let’s see what kind of new products might be coming to us in this fall!

MAC Eyes
Cinderfella Eye Shadow
Silver Dusk Eye Shadow*

MAC Face
Cheek & Cheerful Mineralize Blush
Handfinish Mineralize Blush

MAC Lips
Bling Black**
Blackfire Lipgloss
Dark Knight Lipstick
Local Colour Dazzleglass

Chromagraphic Pencil (Fleshed toned liner)
Deep Dark Pro Pigment

* May be a typo (it happens) — could be Silver Dusk Loose Powder, which is already available.
** Listed as on
eyes, but it says “slicked over.” Could be part of MAC’s Black Collection (as yet unnamed).

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