Clarins News!

Clarins is known for its small spa/concept boutiques, where the expert facial techniques and general wellness message of its founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, are practiced. New Clarins Skin Spa Rooms will open at select Bloomingdale’s nationwide beginning next month. A condensed menu of seven different facials will be available at these small outposts on the department store’s cosmetics : $50 gets you 45 minutes of skin-enhancing bliss, while $75 buys you a full hour, which comes with a ten-minute rejuvenating Spa Plant Mask and a hand massage. Newport Beach’s Fashion Island gets the first installment in April, followed by the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto in June. Non-California residents can take solace in the fact that construction on additional venues in New York, New Jersey, and Florida are in the works for later this year.

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