Paulina Rubio Oro

Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio (aka La Chica Dorada or The Golden Girl) will launch her debut fragrance, Oro, this month:

This fragrance is for women like me who believe in themselves; are strong, fun and unpredictable, yet tender and loving. I put so much creativity and love into this fragrance, I feel as if a drop of me is in each and every bottle to be shared with my fans and all women.

The scent is described as "an elegant floral oriental", and features notes of sparkling citrus, espresso bean, peppered florals and vanilla.

Paulina Rubio Oro will be available in 30 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


  1. She looks cute in the ad, too, isn't she?

  2. paulina Rubio is one of the singers that make me love latin music!