New Pacifica Perfumes!

Pacifica has added three new floral scents to their range of personal fragrances:

Egyptian Bergamot Rose (shown) ~ "Although the origins of the ingredients for this fragrance span the globe, this blend is based on an ancient Arabic perfume recipe that I came across in researching perfume history. It was touted for its seduction properties. The early Persians treasured perfumes, using them as gifts, blessings, and tools to secure love. Rose, the beloved flower of the Persians, was cultivated widely throughout the Arab empire." Available in Spray Perfume and Solid Perfume.

Tunisian Jasmine ~ "There is no fragrance that I love more than jasmine. This blend was inspired by a Tunisian legend that tells of the French soldier, Saint Louis - coming from France to wage he instead fell in love with a charming Berber princess. He changed his name and upon his death became the patron saint of the village Sidi Bou Said. It is said that the night blooming jasmine, a favorite flower of the princess, and a symbol of grace, hope and love is a reminder of their union and the coming together of two cultures. This dreamy blend brings together the musky-tea like notes of pure jasmine with a hint of Mediterranean almond." Available in Spray Perfume and Solid Perfume.

Lotus Garden ~ "The Lotus Garden fragrance evokes the inspiring ambiance of a garden full of citrus trees, fresh herbs, and rare plants from all over the world. Lose track of time as layers of lotus blossom, cassis, green violet leaf, and pink pepper transport you to a haven of thoughtful tranquility." Exclusive to Sephora; available in Solid Perfume.

(first two quotes via pacificaperfume, third via sephora)

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