Lush is Vanilla-ing For Mother's Day!

Vanilla Dee-lite
Delightfully soothing, creamily smoothing, vanilla scented lotion for your body and hands.The Lush body creams that come in black pots are the thicker ones; the lighter ones, like Vanilla Delite, turn up in bottles. (100% recycled of course.) It’s been named Delite instead of Delight as a joke, not to annoy the writing team. The important thing is that it’s made with lovely light oils and butters - including Hawaiian tamanu and monoi - organic coconut water and Simon’s Vanilla Mountain scent! Use it to scent and soften your skin.
Vanillary Solid Perfume
A blend of butters and sweet smells to condition your skin and scent you with vanilla.Pleasure in a little pot. A tiny tin of Vanillary is sustaining us through the dark dull days and it’ll be even better in the long, light days too. It’s not just vanilla, although the scent of cake shops and trays of toffee do spring to mind as soon as you smell it. There is a strand of sensual jasmine woven into the sweeter notes. Carry it around for an instant uplift.


  1. Thanks Kayra zaman for pretty cute products specially designed for Mom's day.Wish you n all Mom's around the globe a great joyful Mother's day ahead.

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  2. Avagdro ... Thanks for links and being so soft hearted. I wish all mom's a good mother's day too!