Lipmann ''Marque Moon'', Used at Rodarte

Rodarte gives punk classic "Marquee Moon" the beauty treatment. You might not know Deborah Lippmann’s name, but you definitely know her work.

In the past, Lippmann has used colors from her brand’s arsenal, but she's started tapping some major fashion talent to help her formulate new colors moments after they’ve been tested out on the runway.Zac Posen had his chance with “Purple Rain” (finally hitting shelves on March 20), and now the Mulleavy sisters have theirs; Lippmann Collection teamed up with the Rodarte designers to re-create the one-off polish worn last month at their fall ’09 show.

Marquee Moon” is a gunmetal silver shade with huge chunks of sequins to give it an out-of-this-world sparkle. Like the clothes sent down the runway, the color is a bit tough, a bit edgy, and as deconstructed as nail polish gets.

The shade won’t be available until June for 15$.
//Pic is from Alllacqueredup.com, text from Nylon Magazine//

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