Dior ''Svelte''

Dior Svelte Reversal: Strict skin by conversion of volume into strength
Under the influence of silicone micro-particles enriched care product smooths with Dior Svelte reversal of the surface epidermis, irregularities of the relief and small skin defects are mitigated. The fresh, subtly scented gel sticks modeling and provides no concrete evidence that the body is not destiny, but rather a creation. A perfectly-cut dress, which the figure of beneficial uses in the scene, the hour-long training for a perfectly styled body - we know our desired silhouette into shape.

The myth Dior Svelte
The line builds on the original philosophy and is launching a cosmetics era for the narrow line. Ecstatic, self-confident and arrogant Slimness: In the 90-cent years, nursing series introduced a new character for the Dior figure. A power over the body, which is a phenomenal success: Around the world go by Dior Svelte million bottles on the counter. The birth of a legend ... Today was just an unprecedented technological achievement resurrect this myth. The long-term exploration of the so-called undifferentiated progenitor cells resulted in an innovation that first set new standards for anti-wrinkle care by Dior, and now began a new era for the personal care initiated. 2009 endorses Dior Svelte reversal for a completely novel promises much: the volume production of certain cells of origin in the direction of "strength"-oriented.

Dior Svelte reversal, 200 ml approx 58,00 Euro *
Dior Svelte is reversal from mid-March 2009 which is commercially available.

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