CK Calvin Klein Delicious Fusion Moisturizing Lip Color

A lipstick that contains a treatment-enriched inner core and imparts vibrant, weightless color over the lips that contains a vitamin-rich core that protects and hydrates the lip—allowing color to glide on easily for a silky finish. The natural marine extracts within the treatment core moisten, protect, and soothe lips while the pigment-rich color creates a pucker that pops.

302 Orchid Madness (vibrant pink orchid)
303 Sugared Peach (peachy pink shimmer)
304 Stolen Kiss (plum lilac shimmer)
305 Love Vapor (bright bubblegum pink)
306 Fruit Punch (golden watermelon pink shimmer)
307 Smashing Coral (peachy coral)
309 Naked Beige (light golden beige)
311 Bronzed Hottie (coppery bronze shimmer)
312 Caramel Shine (dark chocolate brown)
313 Pomegranate Fizz (deep plum wine
315 Pure Obsession (muted berry red)
316 Paparazzi Red (fire engine red)

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