NYFW S/S '10:Cutler Salon @ Tadashi Shoji

Cutler Salon @ Tadashi Shoji
Tadashi Shoji has perfected the design formula of creating sophisticated clothes full of pleating and ruching details. And for the Spring 2010 collection, Shoji relied on his go-to hairstylist and makeup artist, Rodney Cutler and Luc Bouchard, to create looks that fit seamlessly with his ethereal designs. Cheeks were dusted into a C-shape with pink and peachy shades to give skin that "I just laid out in the sun for a bit" effect. And hair loosely coiled up into a chignon with a few strands left out to make models look like "little fairies."


Began by applying Cutler Volumizing Spray and blow-drying in Redken Workforce 09 Flexibile Volumizing Spray for a dry texture. Comb locks back and brush out for smoothness. Loosely twist the sides into an intricate bun to give off the appearance as though you did it yourself. Bangs are left airy.

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