NYFW S/S '10: MoroccanOil @ Doo.Ri

MoroccanOil @ Doo.Ri
Tom Pecheux says "Doo-Ri Chung is not only a designer, she's a creator." As such, her beauty collaborators are looking to mastermind more than just a pretty face, they're setting out to to create a style. And since Chung's point of view in fashion is so strong, so is the hair and makeup. In a follow up to last season's widely-written about gray lip, Chung and Pecheux decided to take the statement a little further, this time with gray brows and shadow, punctuated with an icy blue pout. "It's gentle color and not much makeup, but it makes a strong statement," said Pecheux. For Pita, the hair helps establish exactly who the Doo.Ri fan is. "Over the last couple of seasons, we've worked hard to establish her 'girl,'" he said. "She's a little rock and roll, but not hard-edged or goth. She's casual cool, and this season we showed that by pushing the bangs to one side, to suggest that she's 'over' them." The end result is like the models did their hair themselves.

(All M.A.C.)
-Matte the skin with Pressed Powder, and skip the blush
-Use Eyeshadow in Nehru on the eyes, applying it in a banana shape starting at the inner corners and fanning outwards along the crease. Also apply it on the brows, as you would your brow pencil
-Blank out the lips with foundation and pat Eyeshadow in Electric Eel and Moon's Reflection on top for baby blue lips.

For hair, Pita pushed the bangs over to the side, and swept the rest of the hair into a low ponytail on the other side. Before styling, he worked Moroccanoil Treatment through the model's locks, so the hair looks naturally clean and healthy, but still stays in place. Just before they hit the runway, Pita sprayed locks with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (available in December) for extra hold.

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