LFW S/S '10: Illamasqua @ House of Blue Eyes

Illamasqua @ House of Blue Eyes
The House of Blue Eyes Spring 2010 Fashion Show took place at Jalouse nightclub on Friday evening. The makeup was created by Illamasqua Artisitc Director Alex Box who collaborated with Johnny Blue Eyes on the futuristic, Egyptian with a twist of Sci-Fi style. The clothing had a kind of 80's, burnished gold, androgynous edge to it, so they wanted the makeup to reflect the same kind of look. Stylist, Johnny Blue Eyes has worked with The Gossip, Take That and Bens Brother to name but a few. His show is inspired by ancient Egypt, but morphs into a futuristic androgeny where gender is irrelevant. Alex's take on his ideal was to create metallic individuality, regardless of sex or race.

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FACE/CHEEKS: To begin, skin was prepped with
Satin Primer to create a flawless glow. Next, Cream Foundation was mixed with a touch of Powdered Metal in Bebhion to create a glistening base. Cheeks were contoured with Powdered Metal in either Erzule or Thalia to create an 80's, sculpted look. Then, good old fashioned masking tape was applied in a "v" shape on the face so that when Liquid Metal in Solstice (the gold colour) was liberally painted on, there would be perfect symmetry. To create depth, the Powdered Metals were also used to sculpt the sides of the nose and over temples. Illuminator in Halcyon was also used under the brows and down the centre of the nose.
EYES: Brows were also quite strong. To acheive this look, Alex used
Eye Brow Cake in Vehement mixed with Sealing Gel. Then, False Lashes in 15 were applied to the top lashes and False Lashes in 13 were used on the lower lashes to create a rabbit in the headlights type of look. Finally, Liquid Metal in Enrapture was smoothed over the lid for a burnished finish and were defined with Medium Pencil in Sophie.
LIPS: Lips were left almost bare, with just a small dab of
Sheer Lipgloss in Brilliant smudged on top of Cream Foundation for a glossy finish.

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