NYFW S/S'10: Shiseido @ Narciso Rodriguez

Shiseido @ Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez's Spring 2010 collection is an exercise in restraint. "He says it's more about the bits that you leave off then the bits you don't," said Page, who took this idea to heart, using makeup remover (yes, you read right) as the first step in the makeup process as a base, so the soft brown shadow applied on top blended and ran for a subtly undone sheen. Souleiman dusted off the old crimping iron to create a look that was purely original: "It doesn't look 60s, it doesn't look 80s - it's timeless," he said. The resulting style played with juxtaposition - planting dully textured crimps atop sleek sides; it lay in beautiful contrast to the simplicity of the clothing. And in a bold move, Lippmann pocketed her polish. "Dick wanted the nails to be an extension of the hands and feet," she explained. "So we left the nails natural, simply buffing them and massaging the cuticle." Which lead to a cool tip: Massaging the cuticles causes the same effect as when you pinch your cheeks - a warm, pinky glow.

All makeup by Shiseido. Page took a backwards approach to the makeup, slicking on makeup remover around the eyes before applying any makeup. He then lined them with Luminizing Satin Eye Color in tan Squirrel and dark taupe Cavern, letting the shadow react with the makeup remover for a slightly smudged sheen. That was it for eyes - again, no mascara! Page prepped lips with balm and patted Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick in Whisper and Wink (NEW!) on top, for a nude effect with slight definition.

Souleiman separated out a thick section of hair just above the forehead, slicking the rest of it back into a tight bun on top of the head. He then crimped the front section of hair, fuzzed it with his fingers and brushed it back over the bun, fastening it in the back of the head.

Lippmann filed nails into an oval shape and pushed back the cuticles. She shine the tips with a nail buffer, and then spent about 20 seconds massaging each nail, for a super natural glow.

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