NYFW S/S '10: Redken (&MAC) @ Cynthia Rowley

Redken (&MAC) @ Cynthia Rowley
Inspired by the vibrant colors of Cynthia Rowley's spring collection, the M.A.C. makeup artist used a palette of primarily bright pinks and purples. For eyes, fierce black eyeliner was applied first with a soft wash of purple eyeshadow above and no mascara to emphasize the eyeliner and create a young and dewy appearance. Soft highlights were applied to the cheekbones and nose and a light coat of lip balm to the lips to maintain a feeling of youthfulness. Hair was retro with a modern flare that added structure and boldness to the look.

M.A.C. eyeshadow in Sky blue, magenta and rich purple color were mixed together to create a rainbow-like soft purple mixture of bleeding color. Mark off the hair in the front of your face into the shape of a piece of pie, roll the hair up into a curve, pin the shape and then spray with Work Force to keep it in place . Then pull the rest of the hair back into a tight ponytail, leaving it with its natural texture. Short, severe bangs can complete the look.

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