Dr. Laszlo Splash Technique

Dr. Laszlo once said that if water didn’t exist, he would have invented it. Cleaning your face has never been so fun! Splash away using Erno Laszlo’s splashing technique. It deeply clenses, exfoliates, strengthens, stimulates collagen production, flushes out toxins, plums, softens and enhances your skin. The splashing technique utilizes the immense power of water, providing gorgeous, healthy looking skin. It involves only two items, water and Soap.

Splashing Technique:
Fill basin with comfortably hot/warm water.

Dip cleansing bar in water and gently rub on face.
Massage on face and work into a lather.
Splash face 20 times with the “treatment water” from the basin.
Splash face 10 times with running water.
Pat face dry with clean, soft towel.

Face will feel unbelievable fresh and clean.

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