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Girls Aloud to release false eyelashes range
Eylure has teamed out with Girls Aloud to create 5 sets of lashes, one for each band member. The girls, who often wear Eyelure lashes, designed their own set which will reflect their individual style and personality. Each set will have a different and distinct packaging as well.The lashes, priced just under £5, will be released in mid-April.
Lindsay Lohan to release a self-tanner lotion
Lindsay Lohan is going to release a self tanning lotion called Sevin Neyn, (named after her favourite numbers), on April 15 on
Sephora.com and on May 1 in Sephora stores. It will be only be available for six months. The lotion contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an ingredients derived from plants like sugar cane, that darkens skin by interacting with the amino acids of dead skin cells. Sevin Neyn is said to take about two to five hours to develop and the results last for four to five days.
Salma Hayek to release her own beauty line
Actress Salma Hayek is working on a new venture: her own beauty line. She’s currently working with a drugstore to release effective products that don’t break the bank. Salma says: “I’m trying to develop a line with a drugstore so that it is affordable for everyone. We’ve researched for two to three years. My grandmother was a cosmetologist and she used to make her own creams, but my whole approach is how can we get the essence of the really expensive ones, but for everyone to be able to afford.”

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