Avril Lavigne ''Black Star''

Canadian pop punk star Avril Lavigne will launch Black Star, her debut perfume, this summer (although it will not appear in the US until the fall). The new scent "was inspired by Avril’s individuality and style" and is described as "young and fresh and edgy". Black Star is being released under licensing arrangements with Procter & Gamble Prestige.

I'm traveling to London next week where I'm about to announce my latest project
.......... my very first fragrance! I'm really excited and can't wait to share
it with you. It will be available across Europe this summer, and soon in the US
and Canada. It has been a pretty cool experience. It's so me in a
bottle....hahaha! I love the packaging. I wanted to let you guys know the name
first ... so.....(drum roll please).......hahah..... The name is "Black Star"!

From Avril's Official Blog

There's no doubt Avril seems excited, and coming off of her Abbey Dawn clothing collection, she's aiming for a hit scent, too.
The fragrance is targeted to appeal to girls aged 11 to 19 years old. Global marketing director for Procter & Gamble Prestige Products, Heike Hindenlang tells WWD:

“Young consumers love her — she has a very, very special relationship with her audience, We were looking for someone with global awareness, and she’s big everywhere.”

Lavigne went on to telling the press at the Punk nightclub in London’s Soho on Tuesday:

I wanted to make sure it was really me — me in a bottle, The inspiration came from my love of studded belts and studded bracelets,” said Lavigne, adding the fragrance’s name also has personal significance. “It means it’s cool to be a black star, to be unique and to be different.''

According to WWD, Black Star’s roster will include: 15-, 30-, 50- and 100-ml. eaux de parfum priced at 16 euros, 24 euros, 33 euros and 49 euros, respectively, or $21.80, $32.65, $44.90 and $66.70. Its ancillary line comprises a shower gel, body lotion and deodorant spray. Arvil’s fashion range, Abbey Dawn (which is currently sold her in the US via Kohl’s stores) is slated to hit Europe in 2010.
The scent features notes of pink hibiscus, black plum and dark chocolate. “I find it young and fresh and edgy,” said Avril. The bottle features a detachable studded ring around the neck. Pricing for bottles start at 22$.These are the artworks , uncovered by Avril Lavigne Fans!

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