MAC Summer Lineup!

Collections we didn't know about:

Colour Craft
It will be Euristocrats / Sonic Chic verison of 2009, a collection loaded with mineralixe products.
Mineralized Blushes ( probably the ones we saw in face charts ) , Mineralized Eyeshadows, and 6 Mineralize Skinfinishes. One of the skinfinishes will be a repromote of Porcelain Pink .The facecharts for these were fun and very colorful, with lots of pastels.

Euristocrats 2
A collection of lipsticks, the 2009 version of highly anticipated Euristocrats. This time available in North America too. This launches sometime in July.

Nordstrom Anniversary Collection will be Graphic Garden
Featuring 6 eyeshadow palettes, Lip Bags, and a new thing called Look Boxes will include items like mascara, liner, eyeshadow etc in one neat little box .

From Krasey Beautiful.

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