4711 Acque Colognia

4711 Acqua Colognia in cooperation with Maurer & Wirtz has presented a new line of colognes for men and women. The fragrances will win you over with their natural ingredients and they promise unique, fresh and sensual aromas. The collection includes the following fragrances: Lemon & Ginger ,Lavender & Thyme, Royal Riesling, Vetyver & Bergamot, Melissa & Verbena. They will be available on the market from March 2009.

4711 Acqua Colognia Lemon & Ginger reflects scents and shine of summer days, with alleys of Sicilian lemon. Lemon is combined with ginger and it announces simulative and vitalizing scents of a sunny day in Sicily.

4711 Acqua Colognia Lavender & Thyme shows beauties of Provence and blossoming lavender fields moving under the Mediterranean sun. A spicy rhythm with warm and pleasant notes, is surrounded with Mediterranean thyme.

4711 Acqua Colognia Royal Riesling is a fragrance with mood effect and it was created in honour of Riesling raisins, queen of white grapes, the most precious sort of vine in the world.

4711 Acqua Colognia Vetyver & Bergamot is a fragrance that relaxes with freshness and cleanliness that can be felt after topic rain. The combination of vetiver and bergamot really shows strength and power of mother nature.

4711 Acqua Colognia Melissa & Verbena is composed of lemon balm, known for its energetic effect. The mysterious combination of melissa and verbena created a true elixir of life.

All five fragrances are available in luxurious, relief retro flacons of 170ml eau de cologne and spray. Outer carton and the flacon itself are created to have the characteristic style of old editions with a modern twist. Price of this edition is about 39,50 euro.


  1. Cant wait to try these as I am a devotee of the original 4711

  2. Hi David!

    I haven't tried 4711 and you got me curious!