L'Occitaine Ma Creme Nature

One of the biggest problems cosmetics companies face as most of them try to green their operations is how to deal with the issue of preservatives. But L’Occitane has found a way to circumvent the issue with its Ma Crème Nature, a new moisturization method that comes equipped with an ECOCERT seal of approval and a D.I.Y. attitude, due out next week. You make the radiance-enhancing cream yourself by mixing different components together, combining the free radical-fighting power of olive tree leaf extracts, potassium-rich olive water, and the skin-softening duo of olive oil and nourishing shea butter. The genius part is that by whipping it up when you’re ready to use it and then storing it in the refrigerator, the formula can be completely preservative free. You can treat your skin to freshly made, totally natural, hydrating goodness.

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